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European Handicap – Covering all types of betting odds in the football betting world

What is the European Handicap? Is it the most popular type of bet in Vietnam? It can be said that this is a quite famous and one of the most beloved types of bets in the world of football betting. However, not everyone is familiar with this type of bet. Therefore, Wintips has compiled detailed information about this type of bet in the article below.

What is the European Handicap?

The European Handicap is an extremely popular type of bet nowadays because of its simple gameplay. This type of bet is often associated with the Asian Handicap, making it easy to confuse the two. However, to distinguish between them, you just need to understand their rules.

The gameplay of this betting type does not require you to choose the odds; instead, it depends on the outcome of the match score. In the game, you just need to bet on which team will win.

How to read the European Handicap effectively and in detail

The European Handicap consists of 3 betting forms because it has 3 outcomes: win, draw, and lose. However, to fully understand the rules of this type of bet, you need to know how to read the odds. Specifically:

Reading odds based on the odds ratio table

The home team will be at the top, and the away team will be at the bottom of the table. However, there will be a "draw" option on the table, indicating a draw between the two teams.

Teams highlighted in red on the table are the highest-ranked teams.

Symbols of the odds corresponding to the 3 lines:

1: represents the home team

X: the match ends with a "draw" for both teams

2: represents the away team

In addition, the winning odds for you are relatively high probabilities at 33%. The rewards you receive will correspond to the amount of money you have bet. However, to play effectively, you need to know how to bet and analyze odds.

Various football betting strategies from professional players on European Handicap

To achieve more victories and play football betting professionally, you should apply some strategies from experienced individuals as follows:

Always analyze odds before the match

Before starting European Handicap betting, you need to know how to analyze odds. Analyzing odds is crucial as it determines your success or failure in this game. Through odds analysis, you will know which team has the advantage, better playing style, and more potential for victory. From there, make more accurate predictions and choose the right odds to increase your betting success rate.

The accuracy of odds analysis depends on how well you focus on the key points of the match. Lack of information and skewed or vague odds analysis will lead to wrong decisions. You should analyze the last 6 matches of the teams to make more accurate predictions based on that foundation.

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Stay updated on news at various gaming portals

Information about European Handicap odds updated on forums or on the gaming platform's homepage is the most accurate and useful information for bettors. Here, you will find all the information about playing experience, knowledge, which team is strong or weak. And here, all the results of small and big matches are always updated for reference.

Observe the score through the odds ratio table provided by the bookmaker

Through observing the European Handicap odds table of the bookmaker to know the probability of which team has a better advantage is an extremely important strategy. If any team has a higher handicap odds, that team is favored, and vice versa. This way, you can make informed decisions when choosing odds.

Some things to note when playing European Handicap

Here are some tips for you before participating in European Handicap betting:

Limit betting with a large amount of money if you have little experience

If you have little experience in analyzing odds but still want to bet, you should bet with a small capital. If you lose, you will only lose a small amount of capital, but it will leave you with many experiences and lessons from that European Handicap betting match. Betting large amounts with little experience will only result in empty-handed outcomes.

Know how to manage your capital when betting

You must have a smart betting plan. Managing your capital is a stepping stone to success. Do not spend too much money or place too large bets on a European Handicap match. Regularly check your finances to know when to stop at the right time and place.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Choose bookmakers with high credibility and quality. Opt for platforms frequently visited by bettors to ensure that your enjoyment is not marred by the deceptive practices of bookmaker scams. The criteria for selecting a reputable bookmaker include clear and transparent information, valid operating licenses, robust security policies, and an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the rights of players. Stay vigilant and informed to steer clear of potential pitfalls and create a secure and enjoyable betting experience.


The European Handicap is a beloved type of bet that maintains its popularity in the football betting market. Let's join Wintips to bet wisely and intelligently, unlocking the potential to win valuable rewards. Explore our platform for insightful strategies, engaging discussions, and exclusive opportunities such as betting site free bets to enhance your overall betting experience.


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